Follow Mark's Junk Free Journey

Tauranga 02/06/2017

Mark has decided to do Junk Free June because he wants to be a healthier Dad and role model for his daughter and look good for his fiance at their beach wedding next year.  Plus he wants to lose a few kilos along the way.

We wrapped up week one with his first waist measurement - 95.5cm.  His mission for the weekend is to resist his Mum's chocolate fudge while she's visiting and to prepare a healthy home made burger rather than eating one from the fish 'n' chip shop.

If you're doing Junk Free June as well or you've got any tips and advice for Mark we'd love to hear from you.  Get in touch through our "Contact Us" page or call us on 0800 958 958 between 6 and 10am weekdays.

If you'd like to donate to the Cancer Society for Mark's Junk Free June efforts, please click here.