Banana Cinnamon tea can help cure light sleep

Mark & Jolene 08/08/2017

With our busy lifestyles today it often means we get less sleep and have more trouble getting to sleep when stressed from our lives.


Two ingredients can help with sleep, bananas and cinnamon.


Recipe of Banana-Cinnamon tea:

It is a very simple recipe with health benefits galore.

Preparation time :      10-12 mins

Required Ingredients:
1 small pot
1 big banana (unpeeled and organic)
1 large teaspoon cinnamon powder


Step 1: Take the banana with the peel. Cut the top and bottom ends. Do not peel the banana. (The peel contains very high amounts of potassium)
Step 2: Take purified water in a pot. (Approximately 250 ml)
Step 3: Put the unpeeled banana in boiling water.
Step 4: Continue to boil for 10 mins.
Step 5: Add one large teaspoon of cinnamon powder into the boiling water with unpeeled banana
Step 6: Strain the boiling concoction using a strainer and pour it in a mug or glass of your choice.
*It is recommended that the beverage is taken an hour before bedtime.
Enjoy the healthy beverage and have a wonderfully sound sleep!