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Get to know Burnzee

Get to know Burnzee

A little intro about me and a list of things I LOVE!
16 September 2022 4:42PM

Introducing myself, Chris Burn aka Burnzee!

The Burnzee name comes from the 80's when there were a lot of announcers using the "Y" on the end of their surnames as their on-air name. So instead of a y I used ee's.

I spent my childhood growing up in the Naki, down to Palmy in '84, spending a lot of time at the arena watching the Turbo's and Manawatu Jets Basketball team play.

Some of my favourite places in the Manawatu are... any golf course and any of the fabulous cafes and restaurants in the region. 

I enjoy going out to Feildings Farmer's market on a Friday and I'm a bit of a fan of supermarket shopping. I think I'm the only person who hates window shopping, unless it in a supermarket!!

I have been known to spend a fair bit of time on my PC at home on my Flight Simulator!!

When the kids were small, we used to love taking them to Horseshoe bend, a local swimming hole, on a beaut summer's day to cool off.

I've been known to go surfcasting on some of the beaches here in the region, usually without much luck!

Burnzee's List of Loves! 

1. Love to go away on weekends to check out other parts on this amazing country.

2. Love spending time with the kids and their kids - lotsa laughs and good times!

3. Love kicking back in the evening and watching my favourite TV shows.

4. Love eating out now and again in Manawatu's fantastic restaurants and cafes.

5. Love going to Expo shows that come to Palmy's Central Energy Trust Arena.

6. Love going to the farmers markets here and getting in amongst the produce, jams, chutneys, and more! 

7. Love jumping on the bike and spending time on the city's cycle tracks.

8. Love going to the Regent Theatre, and also to Centrepoint Theatre to watch our many talented actors and singers perform.

9. Love going to the local events like the Sculpture festival in Kimbolton, the farmers market in Feilding, the rescue helicopter open day, the food street party in the Square and the Craft 'n Food fair.

10. Love the Eagles, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Adele, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Six60, and lots of 60's songs I grew up with!