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Burnzee's ten songs that define his life

Burnzee's ten songs that define his life

From Eric Clapton to Sharon O'neill, check out the songs that define his life.
16 September 2022 5:02PM

Here are ten songs that define my life!

1. You can call me Al - Paul Simon

I bought the album in the 80's and I loved it!

2. I shot the Sherrif - Eric Clapton

I heard this on jukebox in a pub in London on my OE in the 70's.

3. Daniel - Elton John

I have always loved Elton's music... painted the cover of his yellow brick road album.

4. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard

Best road trip song ever.

5. Peace Train - Cat Stevens

I love the idea of peace, which is what Cat has always been about...

6. Take it easy - Eagles

One of my favourite bands, saw them at Mt. Smart, before Glen Fry passed.

7. April Sun in Cuba - Dragon 

Love the sun.

8. Maxine - Sharon O'niell

I first heard Sharon way back, loved her sound and stories ever since. 

9. The Weight - The Band

Awesome band! Saw them live at Wembley stadium on my OE in the 70's.

10. All she wrote - Six 60 

Most talented NZ band ever!