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A full guide to the Dunedin’s breakfast studio plants
Damian & Hannah
Damian & Hannah

A full guide to the Dunedin’s breakfast studio plants

Last updated at the beginning of spring (we plan to get more so stay tuned )
16 September 2022 3:28PM

Our studio is STOCKED with indoor plants cause we love them! 

So here is a full guide to what we have and why you should get them too!

Last updated at the beginning of spring (we plan to get more so stay tuned hehe)

Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant) 

· These gorgeous plants are the most picture worthy houseplant out there.

· They give a tropical feel to a room with their huge holey leaves.

 · Bright Indirect Light. 

· Allow to dry out between waterings and mist them every now and again! 

Hoya Carnosa

· Extremely hardy - tolerates long periods without water which makes them an ideal beginner plant!

· These are a  vine so it needs support or a hanging basket to grow to its potential.

· Beautiful waxy looking flowers that emit a beautiful fragrance.

· Unlike most other plants, hoyas like being pot-bound! It does not like having its roots disturbed by repotting every two or three years and is likely to display its displeasure by not flowering.

· When the weather is warm, hoya should be kept moist, but never wet. As the weather cools, gradually reduce watering frequency so by mid-winter in sub-tropical to temperate areas you are watering only once every two or three weeks. Test the mix regularly—if the top few centimetres are dry, give it some water.

Aphelandra Snowflake (Zebra Plant)

· Beautiful colourings, dark green with contrasting creamy white veins.

· Large waxy leaves. When the plant flowers (usually in late summer/autumn) it bears tall golden flowers that last for up to 6 weeks.

· Perfect for low light situations around the home - brightens darker areas.

· Purifies the air!

· Easy care plant - requires only low volumes of water however they do like a regular mist. 

Ficus Wintergreen (Weeping Fig ‘Wintergreen’)

· Purifies the air!

· High transpiration rate so a perfect humidifier.

· Deep emerald green weeping leaves  adorn this beautiful plant.

· Perfect for an upright feature - up to 1.8m

· Drought tolerant - evergreen

Syngonium Pink Arrow

 · Something a bit different! Pink leaves in a heart or arrow shape!

 · The colours and markings on the leaves change throughout the lifespan of the leaf. 

· They are pretty tolerant of unstructed watering so make an ideal beginner plant!

· Syngoniums are not fans of draughts, or being in the path of your air con or heat pump. 

Ficus Black Knight (Rubber Plant)

· Large 'black' leaves with bright red  new growth.

· The large rubbery looking leaves purify the leaves.

·  High transpiration rate so a perfect humidifier.

· Upright growth so perfect for adding height in a room.

· Drought tolerant.

Grape Ivy 

· A gorgeous trailing plant.

· Place in bright indirect light and allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings.

· If you're lucky, the Grape Ivy will award you for your good care with a bloom!

Bungalow Palm 

A full guide to the Dunedin’s breakfast studio plants

· A gorgeous tropical palm for an affordable price!

· Bright direct sun for at least 1-2 hours a day.

· Well drained soil so what that means is that you are after a soil mixture that is less clay like in consistency and this will definitely need a pot with a hole in the bottom as well as a wee saucer to catch the overflow. This allows the water to seep through as opposed to letting it sit in your soil.

·  Keep 'dry' in winter and 'moist' in summer