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Hilary’s SOLE food for YOU
Hilary & Fitzy
Hilary & Fitzy

Hilary’s SOLE food for YOU

Taking our favourite soulfood segment to our soles.
16 September 2022 5:40PM

Everyday on the Breeze Canterbury, you will find me sharing a Soulfood - sometimes it’s a morning story about Canterbury that’s uplifting, or a Cantabrian doing something good for ALL our souls, or just a way to look at our lives to get through the day. Sometimes the message is so simple, like ‘live and let live and if all else fails music prevails’ (Listen to any song on the Breeze for that! )

Here is a Soulfood , or should I say a SOLE food for You:

Walk in Hagley Park.

Every Cantabrian can find therapy on the paths,

through the trees,

looking up at the sky,

delving into the Botanic Gardens

or the Avon flowing like a shimmery ribbon of hope.

My walks are with my dog Pippa, with friends, or even alone listening to the music we love.

Every tree has heard my story, several times over and through every season.

Running came easy down Harper Ave through the seasons, waiting for the September blossoms looking like a row of ballerinas.

Ka pai to our forebears who put it together in the city.


We can play sports, littlies with netball, tennis, footy or international cricket games. We can play croquet or petanque or just picnic with the family and play chase.

Walk it, run it and love it, marry in it, paddle in it.

Take your photos in it or take time out in the summer and sit under a tree and read a book.

See you there!