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Randy Feltface auditions to take over The Breeze
Robert & Jeanette better watch out for their jobs!
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Robert & Jeanette

Comedian Randy Feltface tries to take Robert Rateke's job on The Breeze

Our new self-decribed "felt-faced raconteur" friend joined Robert & Jeanette in studio.
1 August 2023 11:15AM

Internet comedian sensation Randy Feltface has spent the past few months touring the world with his comedy show 'Feltopia'. But could he consider settling for a radio announcer job on The Breeze?

Our new self-described "felt-faced raconteur" friend joined Robert & Jeanette in the studio for a good chat about travelling the world with his comedy show.

"This particular show is probably my most well-honed hour for a very long time because I just toured the show all over the world," he explains.

"I was in Europe and I was in the U.K. And I spent almost three and a half months in the US."

But while he's enjoyed his tour of the States, as a big-eyed purple-felted person, he does have a few issues with American airports.

"Every time, I have to go through TSA in the States, the security at the airports, every time. Because I've got large steel rods attached to my hands, and a big hole down the bottom," he jokes.

So maybe Randy will consider sticking around New Zealand?

"I'm doing two shows in Auckland in one night. So generally, that'll involve me arriving on the day, going for a wander around town, getting my bearings, thinking of a few local references," he shares.

In fact, he's gotten the hang of The Breeze very quickly, naming a perfect list of artists we've got on our playlist.

"With a name like 'The Breeze', I'm suggesting that there's some Phil Collins? ... Got two tickets for UB40 coming up!"

Robert Rakete might have to watch out for his job with Randy Feltface on the scene!

Watch highlights from our interview in the video above.

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