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Robert and Jeanette chats with Emma Memma
From being a Yellow Wiggle to Emma Memma, the importance of incorporating sign language to her, Emma shares it all with us.
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Robert & Jeanette

Ex yellow Wiggle Emma shares a heartwarming story of a deaf grandma who attended her show

"It has been so life-changing to be able to meet families that are using sign language at home"
17 October 2022 12:12PM

The glorious apricot sunrise that is Emma Memma chatted with Robert and Jeanette from our Auckland breakfast team.

Emma shared that Emma Memma is an extension of herself for an early childhood audience.

"But mostly it is really a way to communciate visually, so we're focusing on sign language, dance and gesture and mind for a younger audience," she said.

For Emma, it's all about being inclusive to all children, so any child can understand and communicate visually. 

"It has been so life-changing to be able to meet families that are using sign language at home, and actually engaging in the character in that way."


During one of her shows in Perth, Australia a deaf grandma attended the show with her hearing grandchildren, and what she told Emma will warm your heart. 

"She was born profoundly deaf, and she was like 'this is the first show that I have been able to connect with my grandchildren and I understand it'" Emma shared.

"How lovely! oh that's giving me body chills" Jeanette told Emma.

A year ago, Emma Watkins moved on from her Yellow wiggle role to focus more on her PhD.

"I have had the best time at the Wiggles. I mean it was my whole 20s like it's been a huge learning chapter" Emma said. 

If the kids and grandkids haven’t discovered her yet, they’re truely missing out!

From talking about how her stage name 'Emma Memma' came about to the most heart warming story, she's shared it all with Robert and Jeanette. 

Watch the full interview above. 

If you'd like to watch the interview with captions then click HERE