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Robert & Jeanette
Robert & Jeanette

A teacher's emotional reunion after 50 years

Grab your tissues, because this is one emotional yet happy reunion.

Earlier this month, Robert and Jeanette spotted a  post from Lindley Watts in the North Shore, NZ History & Memories Facebook group. 

Lindley had shared a post on the group in hopes to find any leads to her story.

The Facebook post had a photo of a wooden turtle that her late student, Jacqueline had gifted her back in 1974. 

She wrote: 

"This post is for Browns Bay Primary School past pupils. It’s a bit lengthy so I apologise right away. In 1974, I taught my first class at BBPS with a beautiful Standard One class. In this class was a little girl whose name was Jacqueline (she had an older sister named Rochelle from memory).

Their surname escapes me. Sadly Jacqueline was to become terminally ill. During that year, her family went to Fiji on a holiday and Jacqueline bought me back a wooden turtle. Jacqueline passed away in 1974 or maybe early 1975. It’s a long shot (I hope my memory is fairly accurate) but would anyone have contact with, remember or know this family?

It’s a long time ago, but maybe a niece / nephew or whomever would like to have my turtle. It’s been by my bed (including emigrating in 1990) since and I’d love for this very special gift to find its way back to Jacqueline’s family."

A teacher's emotional reunion after 50 years

Robert and Jeanette got Lindley on the radio to share her story. With the magic of radio, Ross, (a cousin of Jacqueline and Rochelle) got in touch and connected them with Rochelle, the older sister of Jacqueline. 

"We were so thrilled to be able to be there when Rochelle (Sydney) and Lindley (Gold Coast) spoke for the first time" Robert and Jeanette said. 

Listen to their reunion and the entire chat below.