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Check out Robert Rakete's interview with Stuff
Robert & Jeanette
Robert & Jeanette

Check out Robert Rakete's interview with Stuff

He talks about his home and family.

Robert recently featured in Stuff for a feature called 'At My Place' and shared a few details about his home and family life.

Check out the interview below:

Describe your style in three words:

Eclectic. Colourful. Arty-farty.

Where is your home and who lives there with you?

We live in Auckland and it's home to me, my wife Nikki, and our blended family - Bella, Finn, Huia, and Oliver. My eldest Emmy has left home.

Your favourite room/area in the house and why?

The lounge. There's always a place to relax, eat, or play my guitar.

Finish this sentence with an anecdote. "Once someone came to my door and…"

...someone had left it open. I walked into the hallway, in my underwear, heading towards the shower. She asked me if I was busy?! 

Your proudest DIY moment?

I don't DIY. I don't even put together kitset furniture. My wife does it.

If my wife and I would let them, the kids would have got rid of...

The little naked statue we bought from a second hand shop in Palmerston North.

Title of a book, film or television show that best describes the mood in your home?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - our house, like the movie, is colourful and, when I do the shop, full of chocolate!

Best money you have ever spent on the house?

The bond.

Worst thing that's ever gone wrong while entertaining?

My friend Harley brought a huge piece of meat to our BBQ. I don't eat meat. I set fire to it. To quote him 'Looks like it's been killed twice Rob'.

One item I wish I had kept or not got rid of is...

My 1966 Ford Mustang.

Favourite piece in the house?

The giant print of the painting my wife did for the Cancer Society charity. It's easily my most favourite piece.

If I had $50k, what I would change about my house is...

Nothing because I don't own it - I would put it towards a 1966 Ford Mustang.

Which home habit annoys you the most?

When someone opens a box of cereal, and there's one already open. I happen to be the worst culprit.

What's one domestic/housework/gardening trick you've learnt over the years?

Don't vacuum with your headphones up too loud. The music drowns out that moment when you've accidentally unplugged it from the wall. So you are basically walking around sucking up nothing. It happens to me too often.

Source: Stuff