Giant panda twins celebrate second birthday at Vienna Zoo

trending 09/08/2018

What do you get twin pandas on their second birthday?

Giant twin pandas Fu Feng and Fu Ban were treated to boxes of potatoes, carrots and special bamboo shoots as they enjoyed their second birthday celebrations at the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna on Tuesday.

The cubs' parents, mother Yang Yang and father Long Hui, were transported from China to Austria in 2003, before they had five giant pandas naturally. Fu Feng and Fu Ban were born in the summer of 2016. The twins' father died of tumour at the end of the same year.

According to an agreement between the countries, the progeny of Yang Yang and Long Hui should be returned to China at the age of two. However, due to hot weather, the twins will remain in Austria till autumn.

The giant pandas have become the star attraction at the zoo, which has dramatically increased its visitor numbers since the pandas arrived.