Auckland City Transport extending successful cycle way

Must See 12/09/2018

Auckland Transport has just announced they are extending the successful Quay street cycleway. The cycleway so far runs from the intersection with Plumer Street to just before The Strand. 

The exciting news is they're extending it further east as it's been so popular so far. They have announced that around 300,000 kiwis ride this track every day. 

There are some great benefits to this track, they have extended the kerb, and the tracks are very wide. It is fit for all ages so you can go with the whole family on a sunny weekend! 

It's also great if you're walking along the waterfront on Quay street as it is safe now since the cyclists have their own section of the footpath. Auckland City transport is exceptionally pleased that this will help achieve their goal of 30% increase in cycle journeys within Auckland by 2019.

For more on the track watch the video!