5 tips to make meal prepping easy

Everyone is back into it now for 2018 with new goals and plans for the year.

One of the common new year resoultions is eating healthier and a lot of this comes down to how you plan what you're eating.

1) Make time to do it

-Committing time to meal planning is hard to do but if you set aside a time each week (maybe a Sunday afternoon) it makes it much easier during the week.

2) Get your containers sorted

-Make sure you've got good sized containers ready to go once you've prepared each meal.

3) Cook a couple of meals

-Cook 1-2 meals that can be enjoyed as lunches then pop them in the freezer.

4) Add your vegetable or salad sides

-Pop these in containers too which will keep them fresh.

5) Plan your snacks

-It comes to a point in each day where our bodies crave and need snacks. Make sure you plan these in advance so it saves you from going and buying something.

Source: News.com.au