Yves Saint Laurent releases $3.6k rollerblade stilettos

trending 04/08/2017

French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent is getting belated publicity for a pair of rollerblade stilettos, after the shoes were overshadowed by a controversial marketing campaign earlier this year.

The shoes are fitted with four wheels and a toe stop, which see fashion and ease of movement fused together in the most attention-grabbing of ways.

But they will set you back an eye-watering $3600.

Yves Saint Laurent hasn't forgotten about its male customers either, producing a set of wheelie skate shoes that will cost you significantly less than the female version.

The women's Roller Skate Pumps come in five different styles - all designed by Anthony Vaccarello, who was motivated by his desire "to see women flop and sweat" on the heels, according to Vogue.