How does your salary compare with the rest of the world?

money 16/05/2017

Do you know what your annual income is like compared with the rest of the world?

A new online calculator created by UK aid group, Care International calculates where you sit in comparsion to the rest of the world.

The calculator combines the most recent salary data from the World Bank, currency conversion using purchasing power parity dollars, and a statistical model to estimate the user’s rank.

For example, a person on the “average” Australian salary of $81,947 — converted to $US60,639 for the calculator — would be the 11,104,998th richest person on earth by income, ranking in the top 0.19 per cent.

The calculator also points out that one hour of your salary could “purify enough water to last a child for 105 days”, “pay for eight long-lasting mosquito nets in South Sudan”, or “pay for a trained midwife to deliver three babies safely”.

It's very eye opening to see how much our salaries compare to those around the world.

Try the calculator here.