'Goat Yoga' is the latest fitness trend

Cute 20/04/2017

'Goat Yoga' is the latest fitness trend and has seen some great results in aiding the participants health.

In an interview with CNN Goat Yoga creator Lainey Morse said "Goats are perfect for the yoga practice because it's not only combining nature and animals, it's combining yoga, and they all go together so well," 

"It may sound silly, but goat yoga is really helping people," Morse told CNN. "People come in that have anxiety, depression; they're recovering from cancer or illness. ... It's not curing diseases, but it's helping people cope with whatever they're going through."

She said that the idea came about after she got talking to a yoga instructor at a child's birthday party. The instructor mentioned how she'd love to do a yoga class around some baby goats and the idea was born!

Morse, who suffers from an autoimmune disorder has brushed off criticism
that it's merely a passing phase - stating benefits she felt personally.

"I would come home every day and spend time with my goats, and it was so therapeutic for me. It's hard to be sad and depressed when there's baby goats jumping on you."

Source: Bustle