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'Bank of Dave' star Dave Fishwick on his one piece of advice
Dave Fishwick from the new movie 'Bank of Dave' joins Sarah to talk about his philosophy on helping people and giving time and money to others.
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Sarah Van Der Kley

'Bank of Dave' Dave Fishwick on how to get over that fear of failure

British self-made millionaire and internet personality Dave Fishwick chats with Sarah van der Kley.
7 June 2023 12:51PM

When Dave Fishwick left school at the age of 16, his life could have gone in a number of directions.

The British entrepreneur became the largest supplier of minibuses in the UK and amassed wealth on his own terms.

However, during the economic crisis of 2011, when banks ceased lending money overnight, Dave stepped up to fill the gap.

For Dave, giving back to society is not just a duty to help his fellow man, but where he truly gets his "kicks" from.

As an advice columnist for UK's Mail Online, he explains that a number of people who have reached out to him explain their fears of failing, and gives one piece of powerful advice;

"The price of failure is nothing compared to the price of regret."

Listen to his full interview on The Breeze with our Sarah van der Kley, where Dave discusses his journey, the establishment of the 'Bank of Dave', and the subsequent film inspired by his story below:

Watch the trailer for Bank of Dave below: