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Richard Marx tells us the story behind his song 'Hazard'

Richard Marx tells us the story behind his song 'Hazard'

"I think it's the only time in my life, that I dreamed a piece of music, like a real complete music"
30 September 2022 3:30PM

Richard Marx has just announced his New Zealand tour.

This will be the singer's first ever New Zealand tour, withs shows in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

In a chat with Robert Scott, Richard revealed the story about his 1991 hit 'Hazard' and has the answered all the theories around the song. He's got two words about the theory behind 'Marys' death' - "It's hilarious".

He shares about how he dreamt the "complete music" in his sleep and how and why he chose the song title 'Hazard'. 

Watch the full interview below:

Robert Scott chats with Richard Marx
Richard Marx talks about his song Hazard
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For more concert and ticket details:  bit.ly/3SrPaSr