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Robert Scott & Deaf Aotearoa - 5 NZ Sign Language Phrases
Learn with Robert Scott these easy 5 phrases that you nominated!
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Robert Scott

Learn five NZ Sign Language phrases with Robert Scott

Jon and Donna from Deaf Aotearoa teach us five phrases you asked to learn in Sign Language

Hands up if you’re ready to sign with The Breeze!

To celebrate New Zealand Sign Language Week, we asked you to tell us a phrase that you'd love to learn. From the top 5 phrases, we asked our friends Jon and Donna from Deaf Aotearoa to show us how we can sign it and use New Zealand Sign Language in our vocab!

Follow along with Robert Scott as we learn the following phrases:

  • Kia ora, how are you? (in both a friendly and formal version!)
  • I love you!
  • How can I help you?
  • Thank you, I appreciate you.
  • Hi, would you like a coffee? (or Hi, do you want a coffee?)

Don't forget to use that critical facial expression too! As Jon tells us, facial expression is needed to signal questions and convey meaning.

For more lessons about New Zealand Sign Language, head to their website: nzslweek.org.nz/