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New map shows New Zealand's secret free food

New map shows New Zealand's secret free food

The NZ Fruit and Food Share Map on Google shows people where to get free fruit.

If you're looking for a free helping of blackberries, grapes or peaches this summer, you won't have to look far.

Another map is doing the rounds in New Zealand - but this one is giving away more than just new suburb names.

The New Zealand Fruit and Food Share Map on Google allows people to add the fruit and veggies available to the public in gardens or walkways.

The interactive map also allows Kiwis to add what they're growing on their own property. Dotted around Auckland is everything from coconut trees out west to avocadoes out south.

"Loquats!!! Outside fence, beside footpath. Come spring just climb to the top of the fence and feast!!" one person has posted.

The map also includes information about when the crops are in season, and instructions on how to find them - although some might require a bit of foraging.

"Loads and loads of flatleaf parsley growing wild by the road, just near the entrance to the road," another has written.

"Sorry I haven't placed the marker more accurately - I'm not very good with maps!"

And the rest of New Zealand has you covered if you want to snack your way across the country.

Friendly New Zealanders have made everything available, from blackberries in Invercargill to kawakawa near Kaeo.