10 Worst Fashion Mistakes Made By Women Over 40

I have a guilty obsession with shows such as What Not to Wear, 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition. There’s just something so entertaining about watching others become better versions of themselves, and seeing the difference it makes when you present yourself appropriately.

While some of us might of just got “lost” in the fashion department and have failed to keep up with trends, the more unfortunate issue where we see “mutton dressed as lamb”, where woman aren’t dressing appropriately for their age.

Now it’s understandable why some of us get lost in age appropriate fashion. While much of today's fashion, while suiting our lavish budget more than our children’s, does not unfortunately mean that it’s made for us...

Here are ten of the worst and most common fashion mistakes made by woman over 40.

1. Frump Factor

As we get a bit older, comfort typically priorities over our look. And while a pair of fat pants and a baggie t-shirt sounds more appealing then a pencil skirt and a fitted blouse, your reputation is at stake here! Just because you’re getting older, you’re still fabulous and can flaunt it. Kim Cattrall, Sandra Bullock and Michelle Obama are all over 40, but by the way they dress, you wouldn’t even know it!

2. Boring Coat
A Winter coat can really make a whole look, heaps of people praise the greatness of a black coat, but really, a splash of colour never hurt anyone. You want something fitted and great quality. Consider a bold colour or even hounds-tooth, a classic pattern which is timeless and works great with a lot of looks.

3. Yellow Teeth
Those coffees and cigarettes take their toll after awhile, and there’s nothing less appealing then a set of stingy yellow teeth. This is easily rectified by the millions of different teeth whitening products now available. If things are really bad, consider getting your teeth whitened professionally and get ‘em pearlers nice and white.

4. Dated Sunglasses
While we all know vintage is back in style, there’s vintage…then there’s that pair of sunnies you bought back in the early 90’s…i.e. not vintage. A chic pair of eye protectors are essential for any wardrobe and they need to be pair that can work with a variety of outfits. Splash out an get a few pairs of different glasses to mix up your look, there’s nothing wrong with owning more than one pair of sunglasses.

5. Petite Purse
Realistically, in this day and age of cellphones, wallets, sunglasses, makeup and other miscellaneous accessories, having a petite purse just isn’t going to cut it. You need something logically but still fashionable, and heaps of bag designers are now bringing out bags which are both great looking and reasonably sized.

Really? Do we need to explain this one? Sure, wear them round the house, but not to the supermarket, regardless of your situation, Ugs are well, ugly.

The common crime here is wearing too much. We all want to hid the wrinkles and blemishes, but at the same time…you don’t want to look like you’ve put hit with a makeup gun. Keep makeup simple and light, embrace the natural look and leave the dark mauve lipstick at home.

8. Skip the Mini Jean Skirt
Personally, I feel this is a fashion trend that never should be…alas, it was, and unfortunately we some of us, still is. The denim skirt has had it’s awful 15 minutes of fame, and now it’s time to chuck it. Upgrade to a fitted pencil skirt or a flowy a-line.

9.The Tiny Necklace
The tiny jewellery doesn’t work in this world of the bold and chunky accessories. While the odd, delicate piece of thin jewellery looks nice, accessories are mean to accentuate your look, and if you can hardly see it, it won’t be very effective.

10.Chewing Gum
When you’ve spent all that time putting your look together and presenting yourself to the world, do you really want to ruin everything but gnawing on a piece of gum? While it’s a nice, minty treat, keep it on the down low.