How Coffee Can Tell Your Personality Type


It turns out that your morning coffee fix can actually tell a lot about your personality. And there you were thinking you were just getting a caffeine hit! See if your favourite coffee is below and find out what it says about you...

Flat White: The flat white drinker is safe and simple. No frills here. What's the point of getting fussy with your coffee when a good old Kiwi Flat White does the job? This person is solid, stable and reliable although somewhat lacking in adventurous or risk-taking qualities. Yes, it is good to play it safe, but isn't it good to take a chance sometimes? Try a shot of caramel syrup next time you order your flat white.


Espresso/Strong Black: Sharp, neat and effortlessly on time, espresso drinkers need their kicks strong and bitter. Another personality type that doesn't mess around with frills and accessories, the espresso type is often associated with high flyers and successful professionals. Coffee for this person is purely for the energy, and as a person they are equally straight down the line. Don't expect any niceties or fuss, just a fast moving straight talker. Don't catch this person on an off day though, or after they've had too many espressos...they may just bite your head off!


Cappucino: Everyone needs a bit of fluff with their coffee don't they? And is that cinnamon or chocolate on top? Or both? Cappucino people are cute, loving, warm and fluffy! They can't really handle the strong stuff so a nice, sweet, fluffy coffee is just the trick. Don't expect this person to be unreliable though...they stand up passionately for what they believe in and put a lot of love and effort in to everything they do. Creative, honest, kind and hardworking, the caffeine still keeps these personality types working hard.


Decaff Non Fat No Sugar: ...non everything! Hmmm, where to start...Usually the incredibly conscious among us, the Non-Everything Coffee drinker can be pedantic and persistent, often irritating those of us who tend to indulge every now and then. But these personality types don't know or understand the word indulgence. Their idea of heaven is writing a letter to their local politician about cycle lanes. Occasionally hard-edged, you could be forgiven for associating the Non-Everything drinker with self-righteous activists.


Frappucino with Extra Everything: In stark contrast the the Non-Everything coffee drinker, is the Frappucino with Extra Everything drinker, a personality type who loves live and all the beautiful things within it and they aren't ashamed to shout it from the rooftops! An extension of the Cappucino drinker, a Frappucino person thinks to themself "Why just have a cappucino when i could have a cappucino with ice, caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, extra sugar, cream, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles?" This person loves to treat themselves. Indulgence is their middle name and they fall head over heels with all things pretty, pink, shiny, sparkly or just plain gorgeous. Don't expect them to be self-centred though...the Frappucino drinker spreads their infectious love and enthusiasm for life wherever they go.


So which coffee type are you?

By Shinead Cooke