Dietitian reveals the reason why air fryers aren't actually the best thing for you

Food 20/10/2020

Air Fryers are the latest and greatest in kitchen technology.

They're super easy to use, a whole array of recipes can be made in them (like caramel slice and pavlova!) and they're a healthy alternative to cooking with oil... kind of.

Australian based dietitian Melissa Meier recently spoke to to reveal that despite air fryers being the 'healthier option' they aren't actually always the 'healthier option'.

"A quick Google search will give you a whopping 52 million air fryer recipes (no, that was not a typo). Sure, some of them incorporate fresh seafood, lean proteins, lots of veg and minimal oil, sugar and salt, which ticks a lot of my dietitian boxes. But there’s also a whole bunch of recipes I wouldn’t exactly class as ‘healthy’, from pork knuckles and sausage rolls to scones, doughnuts and even chocolate biscuits stuffed in puff pastry for goodness sake!" Melissa wrote in the article.

"The answer to the question you’ve all come here for (‘Is air frying actually healthy?’) isn’t the resounding ‘yes’ you might’ve initially thought. Sure, if you’re cooking vegetables and lean protein you’ve got a healthy meal on your hands, so kudos to you."

"But if you’re using your air fryer to whip up treats all day long, I’ve got some bad news."

You see, a brownie is still a brownie, regardless of how it’s cooked.

To be healthier with your airfryer, Melissa shared some tips.

"My suggestion is to simply exercise a little common sense with your air fryer if good health is on your radar – veg, wholegrains and lean proteins are good-for-you everyday foods that can form the basis of a healthy meal, while chocolate, pastry and butter are not. "