Kiwi woman shocks others as she reveals she used her weekend to make Christmas cake

Food 07/09/2020

There is 109 days until Christmas, or about three and a half months until the big day.

So when Kiwi woman Mary-Anne posted in the Facebook group NZ Gardening On A Budget that she had taken some time out of the garden to bake her Christmas Cake, a lot of fellow group members had their jaws drop.

Of course, you do have to bake your Christmas cake a wee way out from Christmas. Many recipes recommend baking it two or three months out from the big day in order to give you plenty of time to let it mature and 'feed' it regularly as the Christmas day approaches.

Mary-Anne revealed she used Chelsea Winter's fabulous Christmas Cake recipe, but soaked the fruit overnight in cup of brandy.

Many of the comments were shocked at how it had gotten to the Christmas Cake baking time of the year already, while others praised the woman for how organised she was!