Woman shares her recipe for two-ingredient apple cake

Food 09/09/2020

If you love delicious treats but you're not such a talented baker, you need to try this recipe Australian home cooks are calling the 'world's easiest cake' - perfect to take to your next shared morning tea. 

You don't need butter, milk or eggs to whip up this incredibly easy and moist dessert - instead just a pre-made vanilla cake mix and a tin of apple slices in juice.

An Aussie woman posted a step-by-step guide to the incredibly easy recipe in a local Facebook group. 

"After seeing a lot about the "two Ingredient cake" and reading everyone's hot tips I had to try it," she wrote.

"It's AMAZING! And so easy. I won't buy cake again if I've got the time to cook this."

While Australians have been using golden butter cake mix from the brand White Mill, Kiwis can use some locally available brands, like the Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix, or the Edmonds golden butter cake mix. 

Then instead of adding butter, milk or eggs to the dry ingredients as is standard, you simply strain and chop the tinned apples, and add them to the cake mix to create a syrupy mix. 

Place the mix into a tin, and then into a fan-forced oven at 160 degrees for 40 minutes and you'll be left with the ultimate apple cake.

If you're not so keen on apple, you can use tinned pineapple or pear to create a totally different flavour. Cover it with custard or cream for the ultimate indulgence. 

"It was a real hit. I'll definitely make this again, and warm with custard would make a fabulous dessert," the woman said. 

Other members of the group said that adding a little crumble mix to the top of the cake really heightens the apple flavour. Another woman said she tried it with a gluten-free cake mix, and was similarly wowed by the results.