3-Ingredient Homemade Twix Bars

In the Kitchen

We are all about simple baking!

While sometimes it is nice to test your abilities and reach for a recipe that is a little more complex, often it is the easiest ones that really hit the spot!

Instagram chef @walla_abueid shared a simple and delicous recipe for homemade Twix bars on Instagram.

It involves just three ingredients and the results look absolutely to die for!


  • 10 pcs shortbread biscuit
  • 200g biscoff spread (half a jar)
  • 250g milk chocolate


  1. Place biscoff spread into a piping bag and cut off about 1 inch off the end
  2. Pipe spread over each piece of biscuit and use a knife to smooth it out
  3. Place chocolate in the microwave at 30 second intervals (stirring in between) until it fully melts
  4. Dip biscoff biscuits into chocolate and swirl around to coat completely. Transfer to baking paper and use a fork to make indents on the top
  5. Refrigerate or leave on bench top to set them enjoy!!

Watch how it is done below!