John Legend shares his recipe for making delicious crispy quesadillas with avo spread

Food 04/06/2020

Thanks to lockdown in the US, Chrissy Teigen has been seen her husband John Legend stepping into the kitchen a whole lot more than normal!

So much so, that she convinced him to film his favourite recipe for her to put up on her popular Youtube channel.

Describing John in the kitchen, Chrissy said: "He has his go-to items that he makes on repeat, like his avocado toast and pancakes for the kids, and they just get better every time. He recently made me this delicious avocado-bacon-filled quesadilla: think eggy, buttery, cheesy. Let me tell you, it’s just as good as it sounds. He gets the tortillas super golden and the edges crispy by cooking them in butter, and the cheese gets all warm and melty and coats the bacon. My favorite part has to be the avocado spread he makes - it’s just avocado, garlic, and salt, yet it’s sooooo good (and no it’s not guac!)."