Slow cooker lasagne recipe is fast becoming a favourite recipe among homechefs

Food 19/03/2020

Lasagne is a great dinner staple for Kiwi families.

It's easy enough to do, requires little ingredients and is usually loved by all.

But now, handy homechefs who are apart of the huge Slow Cooker Facebook group have shared their ingenius recipe that allows them to create the ultimate lasagne in their slow cookers.

'Jumping on the bandwagon... I will never make Lasagne in the oven again 👌'  said a post on the Facebook page before adding the recipe.

'I browned the mince, added chopped onion, celery, red and yellow peppers, garlic, splash of Worcester sauce, oregano and 2 tins of chopped tomatoes.'

'I then put a layer of the beef mixture in the bottom of the slow cooker. I layered dried pasta sheets, white sauce and the beef mince. Topped with the remaining white sauce, grated cheese and cooked on low for 5hrs with a tea towel under the lid.'