New viral video shows us we have all been using our salt & pepper shakers 'wrong'

Food 10/03/2020

In some rather random news, it turns out that there is actually a right and wrong way to use your salt and pepper shaker!

Who would have thought!? Certainly not us.

But a new video has gone viral on Facebook showing that you don't need to turn your shakers upside down and shake them vigorously to get the desired amount of salt and pepper out.

According to PoppinMedia, the 'proper' way to use your salt and pepper shaker is by utilising the tiny ridges at the bottom of them.

So if you’d like to add salt to your meal, simply tip the salt shaker upside-down and rub the bottom of it with the bottom of your pepper shaker. If you’d like more pepper, just swap it around.

Watch below.