Chocolate lovers surprised at the exact amount of sugar in their Creme Eggs

Must See 10/03/2020

No chocolate-lover will be surprised to find out that our favourite sweet treat contains quite a bit of sugar.

It's the scarfice we make to enjoy the thing we love, of course.

But some chocolholics have been a little shocked after seeing the exact amount of sugar contained in one little Cadbury Creme Egg.

According to the Cadbury website each 40g Creme Egg contains 177kcal, 6.1g of fat, 3.7g saturates, 0.06g salt and a staggering 26.5g of sugar - which is a lot. But seeing it in person puts a whole other meaning to the number.

According to the Mirror, the UK NHS advises anyone over the age of 11 to limit their daily sugar intake to 30g - that's only 3.5g off, so only one tea with one sugar in for the rest of the day.

As way of comparison, a KitKat has 10.6g, Aero 25g, and a normal bar of Dairy Milk has 25g.

And while it is a huge amount of sugar compared to the tiny egg, we are sure it won't stop some from digging in.