Woman's handy frozen bread hack hailed 'lifesaver' when it comes to preparing lunches

Food 27/02/2020

mum's quick and handy tip for storing slices of bread in the freezer has won people over online.

"This is a quick trick for others wanting to freeze but not deal with it all sticking together and making it annoying to get apart."

All she did was add baking paper underneath each slice, making it easier to get them out of the freezer one at a time.

She even reuses the when baking or for the next loaf - making it that much more eco-friendly.

Reaction to the mum's hack was hugely positive...

"This is such a great idea, thank you!" one wrote.

"I have been using freezer bags for 4 slices at a time. I reuse the bags a few times but I am conscious about my plastic use." added another.

"It’s a good idea! I usually just give it a karate chop or two till it comes unstuck." joked another.

This might be a good way to speed up the mad dash school lunch prep in the mornings!