Masterchef winner’s sausage sizzle cheese hack will change the way you make sausies forever

Food 18/02/2020

Aussie Masterchef winner Adam Liaw shared his latest cooking hack to Twitter last week, and it will seriously change your sausage sizzles for good. 

The acclaimed chef and cookbook writer revealed his simple trick for adding crispy cheese to the iconic summer snack, writing:

“What if I told you that you could add crisp, golden cheese to a sausage-in-bread just by frying a slice of ordinary tasty cheese directly on a barbecue and putting a slice of bread on top of it?’

In the video, Adam places a slice of cheese - the same size as a slice of bread - into a frypan. He then places a slice of bread on top and leaves it to cook away until the cheese is golden and crispy. 

Adam then places a cooked sausage, onion and sauce on top of the cheesy bread and then folds it as usual. And it looks incredible!

“I call it the Golden Cheese Sausage Sandwich. You do not have to pay me any royalties when you make it. It is my gift to you,” said Adam. 

Safe to say fans were very happy with the gift. The post quickly went viral, with people shocked at the ease of improving the humble sausie and bread. 

“This may be your greatest gift to humanity,” said one fan. Another pointed out the effect the hack could have on the simple hardware store sausage sizzle: “Those poor buggers at Bunnings will be inundated with this request now.”