How to chill a bottle of white wine in less than 3 minutes

Food 21/02/2020

Sometimes there is just no time to chill wine.

Whether guests turn up randomly on your doorstep and you haven't had time to pop a wine in the fridge, or it's been a long day and you've decided you're going to tuck into a bottle that you've had sitting in your cupboard - nothing beats a chilled wine!

The people behind the site My Domaine have discovered a quick, simple way to get your white wine bottle chilled.

The hack involves ice - but not as you think.

Create an ice-water bath in a bucket or big bowl, add plenty of salt in the mix and then submerge the bottle.

The idea is that the win will become encased in ice and therefore the temprature of the wine comes down more quickly.

The salt reduces the freezing point of the water which allows it to become even colder without turning into solid ice.

To make the process even faster, give the bottle a spin when it is submerged.