Homechefs are now adding RTDs into their baking

Food 10/02/2020

Trust the homechefs behind the uber popular Kmart Pie Maker Facebook group to come up with a creative way to add RTDs into their baking!

Homechefs on the page regularly share their creations that they have made in their $29 Kmart Pie Maker. From mince pies, custard tarts, eggs, cheeseburgers and full english breakfasts - it seems those in the Kmart Pie Make Facebook group can make anything in the little kitchen appliance!

But their latest creation certainly 'takes the cake' for the most creative recipe we have seen them use.

Home cook Jodi took to the page to share her  recipe for 2-Ingredient Vodka Cruise Snow Cakes - a simple and fun recipe for anyone who is into a boozy dessert.

Jodi made them by mixing a bottle of your favourite Vodka Cruiser - she used Pineapple flavour - and a packet of cake mix in a bowl. She then spooned them into her Kmart Pie Maker and left them to cook - for around 6 minutes.

Once they’d cooled slightly, Jodi just cut the tops off the cakes, topped them with whipped cream and placed the cake ‘lids’ back on top before dusting with icing sugar. Simple as that!