'Women's Weekly' baker reveals which cake was the most popular from the cookbook

Food 18/02/2020

It's a cookbook etched in many of our memories (in fact, some of us still have a copy!) - 'The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book'.

And now, 40 years after the release of the cookbook, creator Pamela Clark has opened up about the huge reaction to the cookbook and even shared which cake was the most popular!

"I'm still surprised," she said speaking of the book's success. "I'm almost embarrassed by the way it's been acclaimed. But there's not a person that I've spoken to that hasn't got a story about the cakes."

"It's all about love and warmth and back-to-the-hearth," says Clark, "and you don't forget those efforts. I've had countless phone calls from people who were up all night, putting the finishing touches on a cake, or say things like, 'My engineer husband took over, and it looks amazing'."

When asked what the most popular cake was, here's what she had to say...

"The swimming pool," she says without hesitation. "That one actually happened to be mine, and the one in the book is the one that I made as a prototype."