Women are creating their own 'food box' meals and saving hundreds on groceries

Food 15/01/2020

Thrifty mum's have started making their very own versions of 'food box subscription meals' like Hello Fresh, Bargain Box and My Food Bag.

The resourceful women have revealed they are saving around $100 a fortnight on groceries and have shared how they do it to The Daily Mail.

"I meal plan for a fortnight (so repeat the same meals the second week) and buy double of everything," she wrote on Facebook. "Then split into boxes (I bought mine for half price at Woolworths) for each day." one woman said.

This process saved her $100 over the course of two weeks and takes just half an hour to prep the meat and vegetables for each box.

She eats any leftovers for lunch the next day.

According to The Daily Mail, this fortnight she made Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes (with veggie chilli for the filling), sesame chicken noodles and vegetables, buddha/burrito bowls, lemon pepper chicken, veg and couscous, pork dumplings and Asian greens and 'breakfast for dinner' omelettes.

Any meat products are cut, marinaded and frozen in portions to grab it. 

Another woman agreed that she could 'never' go back to making one meal each night and preferred to shop in bulk for the week, separating ingredients into individual containers.