Studies show that we should be eating our egg shells too

Food 29/01/2020

When you're done cracking an egg, what do you do with the shells?

Chuck them in the bin? Toss them on the compost heap? Feed them to your dog? Or do you eat them too?

Studies have proven that egg shells are an excellent source of calcium.  In fact, according to research by the University of Florida, a single eggshell contains 2.2 grams of calcium, and the average adult only needs one gram of calcium per day!

While those who love to inuldge in dairy products or dark leafy greens have no issues hitting their calcium intake requirements each day, many people don't. And that is why egg shells can be a great source.

To make eating eggshells enjoyable, the study suggests boiling the eggshells for 30 minutes in water make them safe for human consumption, as the eggshell does pose a risk of salmonella if they aren't cooked. 

After boiling, bake the eggshells in an oven set to 90-100 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

FInally, put the eggs in a food processor and blend until a fine powder is produced.

Eggshell powder can be added to many of your usual foods, such as smoothies, spaghetti and bread dough!