Kiwis divided over Countdown's early 'Hot Cross Buns' announcement

Food 07/01/2020

Hot Cross Buns are back - just in time for Easter in four months!

The Kiwi supermarket chain posted on Facebook this week that they are stocking the shelves with the Easter bakery treat, even though it is only the first week of 2020.

The controversial announcement had mixed feedback, with some customers criticising its premature return, commenting that it lessened the exclusivity of the Easter treat, or saying that January 6th was too early for a April Fools joke.

However many excited customers said that it could "never be too early" for hot cross buns.

"Usually I'd be on the too early wagon but pregnancy cravings are strong and I'm so happy," said one happy customer, while another said they couldn't wait to include the buns in their fortnightly shop.

"Not sure why people are so annoyed by this. You don't have to buy them but some of us actually enjoy things at all times of the year."