"Diet Cheesecake" creation offends dessert fans

Must See 28/01/2020

Is this the saddest excuse of a cheesecake you've ever seen?

One person's attempt to make a "diet" cheesecake alternative has done the viral rounds online, receiving attention for all the wrong reasons.

The unique cheesecake is made from a bowl of Crunchy Nut cornflakes, topped with spreadable cheese and white chocolate.

Shared in a private Facebook group called ‘Slimming World Tasty Meal and treats’, which has over 23,000 members, the photos were posted to Twitter with the caption 'I thought it was a joke. It is not a joke'.

It should be unsuprising to anyone else (other than the original 'diet cheesecake' recipe creator, perhaps) that people online were heavily critiquing the recipe, sayinng that you're better off eating smaller portions of real food rather than this bad breakfast concoction.

‘Another cracking example of how s--- some “diet recipes” are,’ commented one person.

‘Just eat a small, ACTUAL cheesecake and have some fruit,’ suggested another.
However, not everyone is mad at this creation, with a small minority actually curious for the dessert.

‘I would actually eat that,’ they tweeted. ‘I love Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.’