Woman creates delicious no-bake Christmas cake using 2 unlikely supermarket ingredients

Food 12/12/2019

One of the best things about Christmas time is the delicious food that is often served and created throughout the festive season.

From yummy BBQs served alongside bright, yummy salads, to sweet treats like shortcake, fruit cake and Christmas mince pies - it's the best! 

At Christmas time we are often on the hunt for recipes that are mouthwatering good, yet are simple and not too time-consuming to make.

So when food blogger Fat Mum Slim discovered an unlikely way to make a 'no-bake Christmas cake', we knew we had to share the recipe on!

The woman behind Fat Mum Slim revealed that she created the cake using two unlikely ingredients from her local supermarket - chocolate chip biscuits and cream.

The cake is created by simply sandwiching the biscuits side-by-side, gluing them together by using lashings of whipped cream.

Once the biscuits have been placed in a circular-wreath shape, she then gets to decorating - covering it in more whipped cream and added yummy seasonal fruits.

"This has to be the easiest, affordable, most impressive dessert out there! Don’t you think? {Oops, I do believe I just blew my own trumpet!}" Fat Mum Slim said on her Instagram.