Internet in hysterics after recipe minced beef used instead of 'mincemeat' in pie recipe

Food 11/12/2019

From January to November, when we refer to mince pies we mean some classic beef-filled pastry, maybe accompanied by cheese, that you enjoy with a cold drink from your local dairy or bakery.

But come December 1, when we say 'mince pie' you probably mean a fruit and spice-filled shortcrust pastry, topped with icing sugar. 

It's not something we generally think too much about - until an American cooking website hilariously mistook mince with mincemeat and produced a recipe for an apple and minced beef tart. 

The faux pax was brought to the internet's attention by writer Luke Bailey, who posted images of the bizarre-looking dessert on Twitter. 

"Utterly obsessed with this American site that has confused mince with mincemeat, and created this abomination," wrote Bailey. 

Although it's now been corrected, the recipe on US site The Spruce Eats originally instructed readers to press 255g of raw beef mince into a lined pastry tin. So far, so good - until it then read that an even layer of sliced apples and a dusting of icing sugar should be placed on top.

And... that's it. That's dessert. 

You can see the confusion. Traditional British 'mincemeat' is a mixture of dried fruit, fresh fruit, spices, suet and brandy. It's cooked together on low heat, then makes a delicious, sweet pie filling. 

Others joked they'd have liked to try it, with one person tweeting: "This is actually a better mince pie".

"All British food is a foul abomination and I can't see how this is any worse," wrote another. 

The corrected recipe is now titled: "Mincemeat and Apple Tart - Now Meat Free!!"

This article originally appeared on Newshub.