People are loving this viral mango hack

Food 06/11/2019

Mangoes are one of the more delicious summer fruits. They are juicy, easy to eat and can be used in a whole lot of different recipes!

If you've never eaten a mango before, it can be a little daunting. Most who dabble know that the most common way to slice a mango is to cut down each side of the middle stone, make lengthwise and parallel slits in the two 'cheeks' and then fold them inside out so the diced mago protudes out.

But do you know there is another, genius way to cut/eat your mango?

Simply use a knife to slice a mango right around the middle, then twist! However, there is seems to be a bit of a twist - this trick only works if your mango has a more cylindrical seed, than a flat disc-shaped seed, and it needs to be well and truly ripe.