People are horrified over this new brussel sprout infused gin

Food 26/11/2019

Here's something we never thought we'd see... One of the most hated vegetables of all time is now a flavour of gin!

Pickerings Distillery in Scotland has created the world's first brussel sprout flavoured gin.

"We know it sounds bonkers, but the humble sprout delivers a pleasantly sweet, slightly nutty gin, perfect for mixing." the company says.

"Don't let its distinctive sprouty nose fool you, our Brussels Sprout gin finishes with a delightfully herbaceous, fresh green pepper twang."

We're still on entirely convinced...

"It was an interesting challenge trying to balance the unmistakable flavor of Brussels sprouts to get the taste just right" a co-founder of the company said.

"The distillery had a very distinct aroma while the gin was being distilled! However, we love the end result and it is the ideal tipple for friends and family to share together this Christmas."

As you can imagine, the reaction has been mixed. If the controversial flavour proves popular overseas, maybe we'll see it here in the future!

Source: FoodAndWine