Woman shares her unique and handy hack for keeping avocados ripe

Food 24/10/2019

A savvy Australian woman has revealed a genius way for keeping avocados ripe for longer.

Writing on her Facebook page, the woman wrote:

"This is a little trick I've been doing with the avocado,"

"I heard that you can buy it frozen, but was never able to find it anywhere. So I thought, 'why not freeze it myself?'. It works amazingly well."

While many believe that unpeeled avocados will continue to brown in the freezer this is not the case, as long as you follow her instructions. 

"I buy a fresh avocado, cut it in half, take the pit out and slice it. You can cut  it into chunks too," she said.

"I lay it out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze."

After a day of freezing she removes the individual slices, places them into one freezer bag so she can use them one slice at a time. 

By freezing them first, it prevents the slices from sticking together in the bags.

"A lot of you avocado in smoothies. I have been letting it thaw and using it on sandwiches or with eggs. It stays nice and green as well," she said. 

Her handy kitchen hack has seen her gain praise from many, with most admitting they had never thought to freeze avos before.

"This will change my life! I bought frozen avocado and it was horrible," one woman wrote.

"I had no idea it froze... I hate wasting the leftover avocado and it was horrible," said another.

Is this a hack you think you would try?