There's a scientific reason why you can always find room for dessert

Food 24/10/2019

Have you ever eaten a huge amount of food for dinner and then still managed to find room for dessert? Well, there's a scientific reason for it - so you don't need to feel so guilty!

recent study calls it 'sensory-specific satiety' and it's the reason behind your second 'dessert stomach'.

"Basically, this is what we experience when we eat one food to fullness. Our senses tell us we are no longer wanting to eat any more of that specific food. In other words, we are full,"

"Part of the response is actually sensory boredom - the food that excited us with promise of flavour delights is now boring. We are getting satiated but combine this with the fact that our flavour sensing system is overloaded with the food's flavour helps us stop eating."

Then the dessert comes out, our taste buds get excited and we actually forget about the feeling of being full!

"If you eat dessert after you’re actually feeling stuffed you’re tricking your normal sensation of being full,"

"A sweet dessert allows the stomach to make room for more food."

So next time this happens to you at the dinner table, just remember that it's human nature!