Pimm's lovers are excited after discovering Pimm's jam exists

Food 24/10/2019

With the warmer weather not too far around the corner, we cannot wait for summer nights where the BBQ is cranking and cheese platters are the norm.

Pimm's is a favourite summertime drink of many, so it will come as no surprise that many were excited to hear the news when Pimm's turned itself into a jam.

The new jam combines Pimm's No 1 with the flavour of sweet strawberries, juicy tangerines and a hint of mint.

Many over in the UK, where it has originally been released, say the Pimm's jam is delcious when spread on toast or scones, while other's have been a bit more experimental and used it as a type of 'dip' on their platters.

The drink brand has partnered with one of England's oldest jam makers, Duerr's, to create the unique treat, which is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

As of currently it has not been released in the Southern Hemisphere, but due to it being a limited summertime release in the Northern Hemisphere, we are holding on hope that it makes it way down here for us to try out.