Pasta lovers are obsessed with starfish that looks like a giant piece of stuffed ravioli

Food 24/10/2019

One of the best things about being a scientist would have to be discovering a brand new species that the world has never seen before, right?

Especially when it's a species that the world can't help but fall in love with!

Marine biologists on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship Okeanos Explorer recently discovered a new peculiar starfish, who oddly enough, resembles a piece of ravioli.

According to TIME, the team of eight has been hard at work studying coral and other marine life off the southeast coast of the United States. And photos of their latest discovery has taken the internet by storm because this little guy looks just like stuffed pasta.

But, just in case you were considering, starfish are totally inedible. So kindly put down your forks and knives please.