Caramilk lovers furious after man burns sixteen blocks of it

Food 22/10/2019

When Cadbury brought back Caramilk fulltime, it seemed most of NZ were excited and happy that the controversial Cadbury brand finally did something good.

But after it was also released in Australia, it seems that the rerelease of Caramilk didn't get quite the same reaction.

One Aussie bloke clearly hates the popular block, and he's made his point known - by posting a video on social media of himself burning 16 blocks of it.

In an Instagram post, Bruno Bouchet says he burned the chocolate because "no human deserves the pain of eating it". 

The video of the burning was no longer available on social media, but according to, as Bouchet throws the chocolate onto a bbq, he says, "I'd rather bite into asbestos, this is horrible".

Bouchet's post sparked outrage amongst chocolate lovers, and they let him know they were disgusted by the burning.

The flavour is in short supply in Australia and there is a high demand for it. 

"This has caused me so much pain," one Instagram user said.

"I totally get the point your trying to make but what a waste of food. You could have donated it instead (although I get that defeats the point) however lots of households can’t afford one block of any chocolate let alone 16." another said.

"Why buy if u dont like 🤷" said a third.