'Porridge' lattes are apparently replacing the flat white

Must See 04/09/2019

A new flavoured latte is supposedly rising the ranks in the world of coffee - and it's got a special breakfast flavoured twist to it!

While in recent times matcha, tumeric and even pumpkin-spiced lattes have become popular, it now seems that porridge lattes are taking their turn!

The porridge (or oatmeal) latte is a mix between breakfast and a beverage and is great for grabbing on-the-go.

The unique beverage-meets-breakfast creation was first published on Bon Appetite back in 2015, dubbing the porridge latte as a ‘healthy, fast, and homemade’ option.

It involves steaming milk to create foam and cook the oats at the same time. A shot of double espresso is then added and voila!

Sounds kind of yum!