Worldwide shortage of Nutella could be coming after workers threaten strike

Food 05/06/2019

Nutella lovers, you have been warned! It may be time to stock up on your delicious treat as workers from Nutella threaten a strike over salary negotiations.

It's been reported that tension has been high within the company who owns Nutella, Ferrero. Activists from the Workers' Force union have been barring trucks from entering or leaving the factory for a week.

A plant in France, who is the biggest producer of Nutella and produces a staggering 600,000 jars every day, is the factory that is threatening the strike action.

Workers' Force says 160 of the factory's 350 workers are taking part in a walkout to demand 4.5 per cent salary increases, one-time 900-euro bonuses and better working conditions.

So, if you are desperate for your Nutella then it may be a good idea to get stocked up now!